Everton v Chelsea: Post-match Reactions (A sour taste of Toffees)

The Everton v Chelsea saw a frustrating and lacklustre performance which gave the Blues their first defeat since September, and, fans a dose of reality. One mistake was all it took for Everton to take the lead with Mendy committing an unfortunate blunder that resulted in an Everton penalty. An all-round poor team display left the Blues toothless in attack and cagey in defence. Despite maintaining 72% possession and 377 more accurate passes than the home side, Chelsea never looked threatening and only created 1 big chance. Some of the writers at SW6Daily give their thoughts and reactions on the disappointing 1-0 defeat to Everton and to our former boss, Carlos Ancelotti.

Things just didn't work out for Lampard and his Blues as they suffered a shock 1-0 loss at Goodison Park. Credit: AP
Things just didn’t work out for Lampard and his Blues as they suffered a shock 1-0 loss at Goodison Park. Credit: AP

Travis (@Crossroads_CFC)

Everton v Chelsea exposed the Blues lack of depth. The lack of a true winger is beginning to force the squad to have players out of position and the effects are leaving more to be desired. Havertz was generally poor throughout on the RW, and Werner wasn’t quite effective enough at LW. The return of Pulisic, Ziyech, and CHO is much needed. Additionally, the match today exposed just how much Chelsea need to have another, fourth winger in the squad. Whether that is Anjorin being promoted or a dip into the transfer market, something has to be done.

Tactically, this match was a mess. The players continually tried to force crosses and balls from wide positions to no effect. The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing expecting different results, and that seemed to be the tactical plan tonight. The fact that Abraham was played at LM/LW says it all: there was no Plan B to use a 2 striker set to overrun Everton. Chelsea had all 3 strikers on the field at the same time, yet couldn’t find any attacking promise. The tactics are being let down by the lack of personnel at winger. Something needs to change, something has to give. Back to the drawing board for Lampard and company if a title challenge is a tangible reality this season.

Tom Coley (@tomcoley49)

Not overreacting to this horrible performance, we must accept that it was simply unacceptable. With a lack of fluidity, chemistry, or quality, this isn’t too worrying because of our recent form. The worry is if we can’t bounce back against Wolves with not only a better result but also a better performance. This game highlights how important it is to get Werner and Havertz playing in their favoured positions and also will set up our expectations for the rest of the month without wingers. This was a terrible game from Chelsea but it can’t be treated any worse than a one-off until we have evidence to believe it’s anything but just that.

A frustrating day for Mason Mount and co. as the side couldn't quite click. Credit: Getty Images
A frustrating day for Mason Mount and co. as the side couldn’t quite click. Credit: Getty Images

Shyam (@shyamtalks)

Frustrating – That would be the appropriate word if I were to describe the Everton v Chelsea match last night. With injuries to some of our key players, it was always going to be tricky for Frank Lampard on how he decided to assemble his available attacking resources for this game. Add to it, Havertz’s struggle ever since he recovered from Covid-19, and it was likely to be a tough task against the Toffees.

It was evident right from the word go as Chelsea’s attack hardly looked like its usual self. What was surprising though was even the tried and tested midfield trio of Kante, Mount & Kovacic looked average throughout the game. Reece James was the only bright spot in a strangely struggling Chelsea side and it looked like he was the only one working on both sides of the pitch. You knew something wasn’t right when the ever calming presence of Mendy made an unusual error given his standards and conceded a penalty that Everton would go on to score. It looked like a game where even if we had played the whole night, we probably would have failed to score. In short, it was an off day for the boys in light blue, and while a defeat is always a bitter feeling, the fact that we play in the midweek means we’ll have to put this game behind us and prepare for the next one. Let’s just hope we can get a bounce back with a win.

Rey (@Rey_Blues30)

What can I say about the Everton v Chelsea game? Another defeat at Goodison Park and another lacklustre performance against the Toffees. It seems this ground is starting to be one of those cursed places to visit. A Pulisic no-show immediately gave me worries as it pinpointed our lack of depth in attacking wingers. This left us toothless in attack and as a consequence, made us slower in the final third. The lack of urgency was shared all around and it was quite frustrating to see. Screaming at the TV was becoming a common occurrence every 2 minutes and my voice was started to get hoarse. By the time the final whistle blew, my voice was gone. I was surprised to see another poor mistake from Mendy as he usually is calm and composed in his decision-making. Once we were 1-0 down, Everton completely dropped back in their own half. They had no problems soaking up the pressure and hitting us on the counter. Our advanced fullbacks made us vulnerable in transition allowing Everton several key opportunities throughout the game. This approach could be repeated in future games to neutralise us in the offensive phase but given our short-handed weapons in the attack, it’s no surprise why it worked so efficiently. Despite the overall substandard performance, there is no reason to panic. Yes, we have injuries and some adjusting to do but it’s not the end of the world. These types of games will happen especially in a congested festive period. Hopefully, we can shake it off and get a strong result against Wolves on Tuesday.

Mendy's unfortunate rash challenge on Calvert-Lewin gave Everton a penalty which was subsequently converted. Credit: Getty Images
Mendy’s unfortunate rash challenge on Calvert-Lewin gave Everton a penalty which was subsequently converted. Credit: Getty Images

RJ (RJ_Goodthings)

Everton v Chelsea was yet again one of those games that causes Blues fans to face palm themselves.

We started off passively and just went through the motions early with the mindset that something would magically happen without forcing the issue. Then, out of nowhere, a long goal kick is then turned into a penalty through a clumsy challenge from Mendy on Calvert-Lewin. These things happen so I won’t be too harsh on Mendy given how good he’s been overall. I was pleased with our immediate reaction to the goal and we were unlucky to not go level through Reece James (who was our best on the night) as well as Kurt Zouma.

Mason Mount’s free kick was also well struck and bounced off the post but on the whole, we struggled to generate many open-play opportunities which is a concern. I think, like in general, it was a collective loss meaning the players looked lethargic but Lampard is equally accountable in the sense he failed to adapt sufficiently and inspire the troops to come back (which to his credit he has managed to do a lot throughout his management career).

Hopefully the next few days will give Frank the chance to fine-tune how we approach the Wolves game so we look a bit more purposeful with the ball. Here’s hoping Pulisic is feeling good enough to play as we could sure use his x-factor, particularly while Ziyech and CHO are unavailable.

Written By: Rey, Shyam, Travis, Tom and RJ

Edited By: Ross-John (RJ) Bonaccorsi (@RJ_Goodthings)

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