Should Thiago Silva Get a New Deal?

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Thiago Silva signs for the Blues. Credit | Getty Images

Chelsea completed the signing of Brazilian legend Thiago Silva for free on the 28th of August this year and it’s fair to say his impact since joining has simply been immense. Silva joined on an initial twelve-month deal with the option to extend by a further year. Silva is currently earning £110,000 per week. Many Chelsea fans are already requesting that we take up the option for the extra year with some even hoping he signs on for even longer. This is a testament to the man and the influence he’s had on the squad. However, there certainly are arguments for keeping him on a more short-term basis, most notably the argument that he’s too old to keep past this season but Silva’s performance on the pitch for Chelsea so far makes those claims rather difficult to back up.

Why should Silva be kept and sign a new deal?

Captain Silva
Captain Thiago Silva. Credit | Getty Images

Thiago’s performances on the pitch this season alone can justify why he should sign a new deal, although there is much more that he offers to further prove why he should stay. In terms of ability on the pitch and what he’s brought to the team, there is no doubt that he should be given a new deal. He’s arguably been the best center-half in the Premier League this season and has built a very solid partnership with Kurt Zouma. With Silva in the side, Chelsea have conceded only 8 goals in 14 games, three of which came in that freak 3-3 draw at the Hawthorns. We’ve also managed to keep four Premier League clean sheets with Silva playing so far this season. To put that into context, we conceded a record 54 goals in the 2019/20 campaign and kept only 8 clean sheets. Silva’s involvement has been huge in our improvement. It’s been no surprise that Silva has helped out hugely in the defensive aspect of the game but his impeccable passing range has also been pivotal to our style of play. Silva often drives the ball forward and starts attacks with penetrative passes which is a fantastic weapon to have. His 93% pass accuracy highlights this. In terms of on the pitch antics, there really is no doubt that he should be given a new deal.

Another reason why Silva should be given a new deal is that he is the epitome of a model professional and he’s a fantastic example to everyone else at the club. He’s vastly experienced and also a terrific leader. He is already Chelsea’s captain on the pitch with club captain Cesar Azpilicueta now deputising for Reece James and vice-captain Jorginho not making our strongest XI. He has effortlessly slipped into the role of the captain, hugely helped by his efforts to learn English. He is said to be able to speak the language to a good level already after taking intensive English lessons too which further shows his commitment to the club. On the pitch, he is undoubtedly a leader and a top professional, but off the pitch, he sets a perfect example too. The example that he sets is key seeing as a large portion of our squad are still young and need figures like your Silva’s, Giroud’s, and Azpilicueta’s setting the example. Football is Thiago Silva’s life. He isn’t a party animal, he doesn’t drink and he doesn’t smoke. He simply lives and breathes the game of football. His wife Belle Silva recently shared a video on Instagram that sums up his attitude. His family were relaxing in the living room watching TV whilst Thiago Silva was sitting there learning tactics. Thiago is a manager’s dream and an ideal team-mate, therefore proving again, why he should be given a new deal.

Why should Silva be sold and not sign a new deal?

Old but gold. Credit | Getty Images

Although the reasons as to why Silva should stay are very strong and valid, there are also reasons to the contrary which point to him staying and signing a new deal not being the best of ideas. The obvious place to start is his age. Thiago Silva is 36 years old, only 4 years younger than manager Frank Lampard. He can’t play every week due to his age and he needs to have his minutes managed carefully. This can be frustrating as he’s a huge miss when he’s not playing. His age also means he is susceptible to getting injured more often. His body will get sore and the little injures will be more difficult to shake off. However, he has kept tremendous care of his body so he’s less likely than the average 36-year-old footballer to getting these small injuries but it’s still a risk that comes with his age. Finally, we have an abundance of centre-backs, if not too many. Although currently, he is the best of the lot, he is by far the oldest and perhaps others have a higher potential and more to give at this club. Along with Silva, we have Zouma, Christensen, Rudiger, and Tomori in the first team set-up, and we have Guehi, Ampadu, and Sarr out on loan. There are simply too many centre-backs to have at a club. The reasons as to why he shouldn’t get a new deal are reasonable but they are completely outweighed by the pros of keeping him and giving him a new contract.

After considering the points, it is clear to me that Silva should be given a new contract as he’s such a valuable player on and off the pitch. If he gets the contract it’ll be more vital than ever to manage his body and how many minutes he can get and perhaps he’ll start playing less and less but the longer we keep him, the better. I hope we can have more success with him and hopefully win some silverware under his captaincy. He’s been brilliant, arguably the best defender in the league this year and long may it continue!

Written by Will Reyner @willreyner

Edited by Jai Mcintosh @jjmcintosh5

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