Mears’s Chelsea FCW Musings: Without Further Introductions…

Hello and welcome to my brand new Chelsea FCW column! For those who don’t know me, I’m Dean Mears, host of Went To Mow Kingsmeadow, the podcast all about Chelsea FC Women.

Writing is one of my biggest passions, I currently write a weekly column on the men’s team for Chelsea Fancast, as well as contributing monthly to the CFCUK fanzine.

I had the idea to expand that into the women’s team and I’m delighted that The CFCW Social have very kindly agreed to publish them on their website.

Every other week, there will be a new article based on anything that’s caught my eye: whether that’s a tactical analysis, a player focus or something more general from women’s football.

My Chelsea FCW Story

My journey into following Chelsea Women has been a very recent one, I’d kept up to date with results etc that I’d seen on social media without ever really knowing too much about them. 

Chelsea FCW Celebrate their Continental Cup triumph last season.
Chelsea lift the FA Women’s League Cup for the first time ever. Image Credit: Catherine Ivill/Getty Images.

Within the last couple of years, Chelsea have really put the women’s team in the forefront of their social media presence. One club, one vision. It’s been harder to miss the women’s team than to hear about them. 

I’m also grateful to Brandon, Nick and Dan from the London is Blue podcast for talking about the team during their shows. This also made me want to learn more about the team. 

I sent a text to my cousin, and now co-host, Jane, if she knew any podcasts about the team, but she didn’t know there were any. 

A simple message back asking if she wanted to start one and Went To Mow Kingsmeadow was born. We’re now 13 episodes in and I’m completely in love with this football team. 

Why you should follow Chelsea FCW

They’ve been the perfect antidote to the men’s team, who’ve had a difficult season which resulted in Frank Lampard’s dismissal as manager. 

Not going to games because of the COVID pandemic has meant there’s been a huge disconnect between myself and the club. Lampard’s dismissal only helped to exaggerate that feeling. With Chelsea FCW, it’s the complete reverse.

Emma Hayes is a tremendous leader and her complex yet at the same time tactical set-ups fascinate me every weekend. Her footballing philosophy of “winning football” should connect with every single Chelsea fan.

Emma Hayes, inspirational Chelsea FCW manager.
Emma Hayes’s management of Chelsea FCW has been nothing short of outstanding. Image Credit: Harriet Lander/Chelsea FCW via Getty Images.

And then you’ve got the squad of ‘incredible humans’.

I genuinely don’t think there’s a member of the squad that I don’t love. You’ve got amazing personalities like Erin Cuthbert, Zecira Musovic and Millie Bright to name just three.

You’ve got incredible talents like Fran Kirby and Bethany England, who’ve fought day in day out to be where they are now.

And then you’ve got the captain Magda Eriksson who epitomises everything that a leader should be, including recently with her partner Pernille Harder opening up their DMs on Valentine’s evening to help those struggling to come out. 

There’s nothing about this team that you can’t love and I’m head over heels.

The Final Word

That’s why I’m so excited to start writing about this team. I love podcasting about them, getting to talk about win-after-win-after win (ignoring Brighton) but writing is my biggest passion.

Again a big thank you to The CFCW Social for giving me a platform to share my opinions, and thanks to you the reader for reading this introduction, for joining in the conversation on the women’s team because they deserve all the plaudits and adulation they get.

Keep your eyes peeled for the first piece coming very soon.

Written by Dean Mears (@DeanMears)

Edited by Rob Pratley

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