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Oozing class and quality, whilst remaining utterly effortless. This single sentence is enough to explain why I’m nominating Pernille Harder as Player of the Season.

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Pernille Harder: Contentious Selection?

Before starting, people will note that Pernille Harder has been absent for a number of games this season. As a result, you may wonder why one would even consider such within the realm of a team’s top performers, let alone the very best. There is a simple enough reason – elevation.

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Consistency is key. It is of course preferable for a player to secure a run of games under their belt. However, we must also appreciate quality is as favourable as quantity. That is to say that each time Harder has played there is a notable degree of elevation. This comes regardless of the on-field personnel and regardless of her personal role.

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At times, Pernille Harder finds herself out wide, slightly further back in the midfield. Other times, she’s central as the number 9. Regardless, the Dane brings a heightened level of progression and creative flair to an already formidable Chelsea side.

Class Personified

Using the period in which Sam Kerr, Bethany England and Fran Kirby were all absent as an example, a period in which Chelsea were no less deadly despite the missing forwards, one can see just how dangerous Chelsea are with Pernille Harder at the helm.

It is that vision, that ease on the ball, that signature Harder ball carry, as well as that unwavering professionalism that make the Blues that little bit trickier to stop. Perhaps we have not seen ‘the best’ of Harder at Chelsea just yet, but if that is what is still to come then we certainly have plenty to look forward to.

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One Sentence, One Reason Why

Football is the beautiful game. Pernille Harder exudes this attitude and mentality. She has been at the very top for several years and shows no sign of dropping down. That level of quality is enough to make her my shout for Player of the Season.

Written by Charlotte Stacey

Edited by Rob Pratley

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