Sam Kerr: The Goal Inferno – Player Of The Season Nomination

Sam Kerr is the Chelsea Player of the Season. Let’s not kid ourselves here. When you think of Chelsea Women these past two seasons I know for me at least, it’s hard to not be drawn to our dynamic duo Batman and well Batman – or Kerrby as they’re better known.

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Sam Kerr: Always Burning

With Kirby’s recent spell on the sidelines, you’d be forgiven for thinking Sam was going to slow down. Especially after coming back from the AFC Women’s Asian Cup. She once again showed her ability on the national stage. Kerr left the competition in the knockout stage with 7 goals to her name. This helped earned her the Golden Boot.

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However, one thing I’ve learnt with Sam Kerr is once she hits the ground, she hits it hard and she does not stop. Again, the Aussie leads the race to retain the Women’s Super League Golden Boot. At time of writing, it’s 18 goals plus 4 assists in 16 matches played. This has earnt her a record statistic of only 75 minutes per goal. Sam is once again proving why you can never judge someone straight out of the gate.

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Consistent. Clinical. Classy.

I think there is real merit to argue that Sam Kerr has been the best player across Chelsea Men and Women. Sorry Thiago Silva. Explicitly for the women’s team, it would be harder to argue against. Sam Kerr is a player with an unparalleled attacking ability, real technical skill and a hunger for more. The Australian dynamo is exactly what Chelsea have needed this season. In a very tight title race, she has delivered consistently time and time again.

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One thing we have to remember with Sam is yes she has been amazing this season but that’s nothing new. A consistently outstanding player. This is the same as any season with Sam Kerr on your team. She scores, you celebrate, then 5 minutes later you do it all again.

However saying that, this hasn’t been any old season for Chelsea. We’ve had injury problems, questionable calls from the first game of the season, and no shortage of drama. As a result, the fact that Sam has held her nerve come out every game and shown exactly why she is one of the best has been a godsend. We definitely wouldn’t be where we are now without her.

I’ll end on a look at Sam’s mentality that I admire after a 5-0 win over Reading at home on the 3rd of April 2022, sends us back one point above Arsenal with 18 games played Sam Kerr – “As a player, this is the type of season-ending you want”.

One Sentence, One Reason Why

At the end of the day, there’s no basis for saying Sam Kerr hasn’t once again broken all barriers this season. She’s come out swinging (her shirt) and been one of the most consistent performers. That’s why she should be Player of the Season.

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Written by A Bradley

Edited by Rob Pratley

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