Frank Lampard’s start to the 2020/2021 season.

Chelsea has started the season in a strange way. Sometimes we look flawless, but there are times where the plays are dreadful. People may point the finger at Frank, however in reality the players need to take some blame too.  During the summer transfer window, things looked unreal. Chelsea had signed some world-class players and … More Frank Lampard’s start to the 2020/2021 season.

Timo scores twice but Chelsea fail to finish strong: Match Review

The mood before kick-off was somewhat mixed. Southampton’s form has been mixed at the start of this season but with an evergreen Danny Ings and the very strong side, they were always going to provide Chelsea with a resolute challenge. Chelsea on the other hand was coming off the back of a very strong performance … More Timo scores twice but Chelsea fail to finish strong: Match Review

SW6Daily Newsdesk

In what appears to be the normal format for each week spent on planet earth, the trials and tribulations of politicians, footballers and media personalities that are somehow labelled as news have continued to surprise, delight and make us question ourselves and the environment we live in. In opening up this week’s Newsdesk, I felt … More SW6Daily Newsdesk

SW6Daily News Desk

To begin, myself and the rest of the SW6Daily team are almost certainly finding it a challenge to write about football, a trivial topic at the best of times, when the current global situation mirrors a combination of George Orwell and Cormac McCarthy novels. Global dystopia seems to be this years motif, the on-going pandemic … More SW6Daily News Desk

SW6Daily News Desk

This past week has seen the return to training for clubs throughout the UK as plans to get football started as soon as possible look to be taking place. The response from both sides, professional and public, has been extremely mixed. In general, the return to training has been welcomed as it relieves the stress … More SW6Daily News Desk